House of Tails website

In the last 2 weeks, we have had problems with our website. Basically it was unreachable after a forced WordPress upgrade it seems. We have since moved the site to another App service and disabled most plugins. There might be small items not working correctly if they depended on those plugins. Soon we will be … Read more

Top 12 new years resolutions for shelter dogs

We all set goals for the next year and we all plan on sticking to the plan!  Right? We did a survey among a number of our shelter dogs at House Of Tails shelter in Thailand for their new years resolutions for 2017 and this is how their barking, growling, biting, nuzzeling, licking, hugging, nudging, … Read more

Satellite image of our shelter

A post from our site in 2016: Looks like only a few weeks ago some new satellite pictures were made over Thailand. While checking google maps the satellite view showed us the new picture. The shelter is the red roof.To make clear where we are currently I added a few lines to the picture below … Read more

What does it take to keep dogs alive

What does it take to keep dogs alive? Well the first answer anybody can imagine is simply food and water right?Alright let’s start there.We currently can only afford the most basic food which is cooked rice and chicken. We cook loads of it. To feed 70 dogs twice a day. So they are cooked separately … Read more

In Dutch newspaper

This is for readers of Dutch language. We were featured on two pages of a Dutch local newspaper (Apeldoorn, Netherlands). Below are the pictures. We have these as PDF if it is to difficult to read straight from a webpage. English Translation to be found in attached document: Newspaper article of 22 July 2015 English