2015 – Bathroom

This sounds like something so simple, however there has not been a bathroom at Baan Haang Kradik since April 2015 (neither toilet or shower or classic Thai bathing method). This meant that every time any human at the sanctuary needed to go to the toilet or take a shower they needed to walk to a neighbor or step into a car (requiring two people to step into the car) and go far away to public bathing areas. This has been enormously inconvenient and also this meant long times away from the dogs by both staff members.

This project has been started 24 November 2015 officially.

Some work was done before that time already:

  • A slurry pit has been dug and a lid placed on it.
  • An area reserved with a small wall and flattened.

So this is the starting point for the bathroom project. A budget of 20000 Baht was set for this project.

Update 29 November

Most materials have been bought, a few more will arrive later. Some materials will be combined with the same materials needed for the kitchen project (floor tiles and such).

Update 20 December 2015:

Progress is being made with the wall as can be seen from pictures below and the toilet is functional. The water to flush is just a bucket of water next to it as it will be difficult to have much more water pressure to use the western methods. Also a door has been added. There is a lot still to be done, but at least they do not need to go to other places to visit a toilet.

We will keep you updated to the progress of this project.