2018 – project Mohk shelter

April 2018 – Project Mohks Shelter

Internal fence for Mohk and others

Mohk is a special dog. She gets into fights with some of the others in the packs we have. At the moment she is walking around outside our wall. This has already caused an accident with a motorcycle, both are kind of OK. The owner and some other neighbors do not like rogue dogs so they shoot at them or try to poison them. We need to get this dog inside our wall fast. We have the need to create a separate fenced area in the corner of the shelter area. Two of the sides we can use the existing shelter wall for. So we need two sides of an area to get concrete posts and fence and some concrete blocks at the bottom. Also a gate for access. Next a few posts with a roof above it. We will make a bamboo bed to sleep off the ground underneath the roof. We can put 3 to 4 other dogs in the same area (ones who get along with Mohk). We intend to do this as soon as possible due to the current threats and activities against the dogs.

  • Fence 20 meter = 2500 Baht
  • 120 x 5 B = 600 Baht
  • 1 cube = 300 Baht
  • Cement 2 bags at 130B = 260 Baht.
  • Extra labor 1 man. 300 B at 1 day.
  • Bamboo bed = 500 B. Not calculated, Oarn will do himself.
  • Roof = 35 x 28 B roofing tiles. 4 poles at 200 B. Metal beams 6 meter. 8 x a 260 = 3860 Baht
  • Gate = 2 metal beams at 260 = 520 Baht
  • Sand 5 cars at 700 B = 3500 Baht

Total = about 12000 B = 311 Euro = 385 USD

Usually transferring money between banks to destination costs a few Euro and there might be small incidentals. Therefore we put this project total at 323 Euro or 400 USD total.

Update 7 June 2018:

Most of the above is ready except the bamboo bed.
However there were some adjustments and additions made to this project. The initial estimate did not take into account putting in a floor of concrete for part of this and the roof should be extended a bit. Also some extra help turned out to be needed.

  • Extra Labor 1 man, 3 days at 300B per day = 900
  • Extra metal for the roof and roof tiles + metal to create the elevated bed out of (so it doesnt break as fast as bamboo) = 2100
  • Sand + Cement + Small rock = 1500

This will bring the total for this project to 444 Euro.

Please donate for this cause and project. If you want to be specific you can add a comment to a bank or Paypal/Creditcard transfer by adding Project Mohks Shelter to make it specific.