2015 – Kitchen

The kitchen was also a project which needs to be started quickly. Reasons are that everything was being done in one big room with all the dogs walking all over things and knocking things over. Resulting in a not so clean room and broken things.

Also there are a few methods of cooking applied here. One is a wood burner which needs to be used outside or near outside due to the smoke and the heat. The other is a burner attached to a gas bottle. Somehow the dogs liked to sit on it:

And the third thing was rice cooker machines running on electricity.

You can imagine that cooking for 70 dogs and 2 people is a lot of work.  They needed to have a separate room for a kitchen and that room was already made before. Its about 3×3 meter or less and has 3 doors in it to different directions. Actually the doors is also one thing which was not done yet for that room.

The budget assigned to this was 15000 Baht ( 400 Euro), however the water connection and disposal was not calculated which would be another 7000 Baht (200 Euro).

This project has started End of November 2015.

So one of the first things to be done was fix one of the doors and next make a new floor in here.

After the floor was done the gas burner could be moved here and a small cupboard was bought to put the things belonging to the humans in there. On top of that the rice cookers can be placed. Small cups are placed at the base of these structures to slow down the ants.

One difficulty will be making a water connection in and especially one going out. We think perhaps we can use the same water disposal for a small table with water connection outside so we can wash the dogs food bowls there. That will take some extra time.

We will enter more information when we get it.