2021 – Kitchen dog food

Problem statement

Currently, washing the dog dishes and cooking the rice and some small jobs are being done by external help during a few hours. These external people are not used to so many dogs and are targeted by some dogs to bite. The former location of the kitchen for the dogs is hard to reach.


Having a location at the shelter which is easy to reach from the road with minimal dog interaction. It should also be central enough for the shelter to make it easy to distribute food to the dogs.

Current situation

Starting with an overview picture of the whole shelter:

The green area to the right is the old and current walled area. The red area is currently being walled/fenced. The part of the shelter the illustrations below refer to are in the yellow bordered part of the picture in the middle.

A graph to illustrate the current situation in the smaller area.

General illustration. This is part of the shelter area which currently exists. AT the bottom is the dirt road. To the right is the pond in blue. To the left is the new part of the shelter, which does not yet have a full wall and gate at the road. At the top is more of the shelter. The red lines are doors and gates. In the middle of the picture there is a fenced dog pen with banana trees. And to the left hand side an existing roof and walled room. The smaller red line at the bottom is the current door where humans enter the shelter and where always a lot of dogs accumulate when anybody comes close.

The plans in steps:

Firstly the green lines at the bottom. Near the main door we want to make a small wall to seal off this entrance door from the dogs. This makes the yellow area a safe area and easy to reach from the road. The yellow area needs to have concrete poured. We can do that ourselves. Also the Room will get an extra door, also colored in green here. A hole has already been made and needs to be cleaned up a bit.

In this picture we illustrate the water discharge. The blue line at the middle-left is already there right now. The blue circles will be holes made, with a sewage tube in it vertically and it will get a lid on top. This is to clean the water a bit, before it continues to run toward the pond to the right. All the way to the right is already a provision to discharge water to the pond, because our shelter is on a slope and water already runs through the shelter when heavy rain comes. So two holes need to be made, with 2 sewage pipes and a lid and an extra pipe between them.

For an illustration of the current situation of the yellow area while looking toward the room:

Compared to the other illustrations we are standing near the main door and looking to the left. Washing area is in the picture to the top-right near the room. The visible area needs to get concrete and will be closed for the dogs.

The purple square in the middle is the washing area for the dishes. There is already something there right now and a water source nearby. To the right-bottom the big gate will be moved to the left-bottom side as part of the new wall. It is the access for cars and bigger vehicles. To get to the main area again would be the red vertical gate at the left-top of this picture. The original gate to the bottom-right needs to be filled in with 1 pole and a lot of stones for a wall. In the room you can see two orange areas, which are used to place storage for rice and meat (refrigerator) and a table to place the rice cookers on.

The washing area will be between a wall and a room and on concrete. We propose to first make a quick solution to cover part of this with for example bamboo poles with a plastic or other cover above it. This provides shade and some rain shelter for those working there. There is at most 2 meter space between wall and room there.

Costs and materials

2 poles – 400 Baht

500 bricks – 2500 Baht

100 open bricks – 500 Baht

Cement 6 bags – 780 Baht

Sand 1,5 cube – 500 baht

Small stone 1 cube – 400 Baht

Sewage tube and lids – 480 Baht

Pipe – 200 Baht

External hired labor – 2500 Baht

Provision roofing – 2000 Baht

Total = 10280 Baht, which is close to 300 Euro.

Note: The reason to attach the big gate move to this is ordering the same materials and location where these will be delivered. This is wall bricks and concrete.