Virtual Adoption

“Virtual adoption may be the new normal, but the love and joy you’ll get from adopting a dog will never change.”

A lot of our dogs are not directly fit for adoption to another country than Thailand. If you are from Thailand and you want to adopt a dog from our shelter, please contact us. So until such time it is possible to virtually adopt a dog!!! This means helping through donations to sustain one (or more) of our dogs, either part of the costs or all of it. We will make pages for a number of our dogs with information about the dogs and stories and pictures. You can do an anonymous virtual adoption (only seen by us) or add your name to a dog in public.

To keep this page the same as some of the official documents we need to submit in Thailand we will first display a list of males in order of age and next a list of females in order of age. We will list the year of birth (as close as we can), the Thai name, and the English phonetic name.

Virtual adoption has revolutionized the way we connect homeless dogs with loving families. By placing dogs’ profiles on a website, we can reach a wider audience and give people the opportunity to search for their perfect match from the comfort of their own home. Through virtual meet and greets and video calls, potential adopters can connect with the dog and get to know their personality and needs before making a decision. This not only saves time and resources for both the rescue organization and the adopter, but it also helps to ensure that the dog is placed in a loving and suitable home. With the increased demand for pets during the pandemic, virtual adoption has become a popular and effective way to find homes for poor dogs in need.