2015 – Water from a well

A big problem at Baan Haang Kradik has been water. At first a house registration was needed to get an address and thus to get a water connection to the community water supply. However because of prolonged drought there was either no pressure or not enough, so the government refused to connect us. Now we always had a plan B  which was to have somebody dig a well for us. This is an expensive project to run. After discussing with a neighbor they kindly agreed to have us use their existing well. Since it is on the other side of the road we needed to have a long water pipeline and pull it underneath the road. The water pump is connected to the powersupply of the neighbors and we pay for their added power usage.

The investments for this adjusted project have been:

  • A pump
  • Water pipeline
  • Connectors and so on
  • Water hose

Water like this in Thailand is never human drinking water quality, but for the dogs and cooking and cleaning and shower/bathroom it is good enough.

The electricity costs for running the pump will be part of the monthly running costs of Baan Haang Kradik.

How we did this from April 2015 to November 2015:

Now you may ask how we did this in the first 7 months with no pump and no water connection. This was done by asking the army to come and fill a water storage tank and a miniature swimming pool in the house which we use to cool down the dogs.

This was very difficult to keep regular and there was little to no pressure. This water in the tank was only used to cook and drink for the dogs. We are very happy to now at least have any form of running water!

Update April 2016:

Because there are new satellite pictures we can now show you what the water possibilities are currently:

Our shelter it to the left of B.  B is a dug pond of about 2 meters deep when there has been a lot of rain, but it will go empty in the dry season. Now the well with the pump is at A on the other side of the road. And right below the C is a small pond where the owner tried to dig as deep as possible to be able to get water into the dry season.

Even now, water will still be a problem during the hottest months of the year.