Top 12 new years resolutions for shelter dogs

We all set goals for the next year and we all plan on sticking to the plan!  Right?

We did a survey among a number of our shelter dogs at House Of Tails shelter in Thailand for their new years resolutions for 2017 and this is how their barking, growling, biting, nuzzeling, licking, hugging, nudging, blinking, running, rolling in the grass, digging etc etc translated into the list of common new years resolutions for our shelter dogs, although some additional comments and exceptions were added to each of those by their own popular request:

  • I will always eat my bowl of food. I will try to eat the best bits first and maybe leave the less tasty behind so the humans can clean that up.
  • I will not steal food from my friends. Unless they are not looking, or to have a taste, or if I am stronger, or if its further away than my bowl or any other reason I come up with.
  • I will try to play a lot with my friends at the shelter. And bark and growl at the same time. Those are the best moments.
  • I will try to stay away from dangerous animals, such as snakes. Although anything which moves is a potential target. We will protect our humans though!
  • I will do my best not to sneak out of the shelter and kill the neighbors chickens. Even though I am a born hunter and very good at it!
  • I will not bite my fellow shelter friends to hurt them. Though some get on my nerve and this is how we settle a score sometimes. I know this causes grief and sadness for the humans.
  • I will try to not stand in the way, or sit in the way, or lay in the way, or do any of those things in places where I am not supposed to. Although we think that if it fits we sits!
  • I will undergo medical treatments from my humans or the vet without complaining. I know they have the best intentions. I will still be very nervous at times during transport and at the animal hospital, but I will not bite the humans. Not too much that is.
  • I will not be too loud. Except for barking at everything and everybody during all times of day, and of course when one dog starts a howl we need to all chip in! We respect our roots.
  • I will not find a new place for any small object within my reach and I will not chew it up. Yeah right…
  • I will do my best to get enough exercise. Playing with my friends, running around the pond and the shelter, swimming, digging holes. I do hope my humans can take a few of us more often to go walking through the mountains, because we love those trips!
  • I will pose for pictures and videos whenever my humans want. Well, if they are lucky maybe. I may be constantly moving, coming too close or staying too far away, appearing only in the dark or during the day with the sun behind me. Good luck!

Feel free to share the list to the world of animal lovers and be sure to share them with any interested animals at home!

By popular request hereby the link to the slideshow video of the same with more pictures:

Have a browse around our website or our facebook page for more information. Hope you all have a great and happy New Year 2017. Love, hugs and kisses from all the doggies!