Satellite image of our shelter

A post from our site in 2016:

Looks like only a few weeks ago some new satellite pictures were made over Thailand. While checking google maps the satellite view showed us the new picture.

The shelter is the red roof.
To make clear where we are currently I added a few lines to the picture below

The red line is the total surface of the shelter.
The green line is the current fenced area, including the part with the roof over it which also contains the kitchen and two rooms.
The blue dotted line is where we are building the first wall.. the wall to the front of the property so we can close the front and use it to let the dogs run free in that area safely. The triangle shape to the right is a pond we dug because we needed the sand to elevate other parts of the area and we could use the water to let the dogs swim and cool off.

AT the time of this writing we only had the funds to do half of the blue line wall and we are looking for a 2200 Euro to finish the rest of the front-wall. Otherwise we can not release the dogs from the Green line area into the bigger area to the right. There are a few dogs walking there now, but only those who absolutely do not wander off.